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The Maker's Eden
is a first-person point-and-click adventure in three parts from indie studio ScrewyLightbulb. Presented in the style of a motion comic with explore-able parallax scenes and stylised, comic-esque dialogue systems, the story drops you into a sci-fi noir world with no clue who you are, where you are, or even why you are. A rushed message from an unknown source tells you to get to safety, and this is where your journey begins. With the constant press of danger at your back you're left to explore through a tragically beautiful world as the atmospheric score accompanies your progression.


  • Point-and-click gameplay in detailed scenes with a heavy emphasis on exploration and discovery
  • Interactive comic-style dialogue and interaction smoothly blends narration with art
  • Hand-painted graphics are given depth by layering and in-engine camera movements
  • Animated environmental effects like smoke and rain bring scenes to life


Jaco Gerber
/ @warpgate9 - code-monkey and designer. Jaco has 20+ years in various media industries under his belt, including television graphics, advertising and web design.

Delyth Angharad / @WelshPixie - writer and PR-person, a fan of creating interactive fiction with systems like Twine, sporadic game journalist and published author of poetry and short-stories.

Joshua Nel / @_JoshuaNel - digital-media artist who also enjoys dabbling with traditional media including charcoal and pastel.

Benjamin Burnes / @bFusion - composer of beautiful tunes. Ben is a graphics designer and web developer by day and audio sorcerer by night, and primarily works with melodic ambient and chillout music.


Our ETA for the release of Act 1 is January 2014. We'll release Act 1 as stand-alone initially, and anticipate that sales of Act 1 will fund the remaining two acts; this helps us gauge interest in the game as a whole, and enables us to get the project started with a smaller initial budget.

Pre-orders are available via the Humble Widget on our front page,, at $4.50 for Act 1 (a 10% discount on release price) or $9 for Act 1 and the OST (also at 10% discount, the OST is sold separately for $5, see link below). 

The Act 1 OST is available to purchase from

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