The Maker's Eden Pre-order and Demo


Ah yes, pre-orders, that fantastic system where you get to support developers by purchasing our as yet unreleased game. We expect to release Act 1 early 2014 (we estimate the playtime for that to be around 2 hours), and you can grab it using the Humble widget below. We're shooting for a release-price of around $5. Or spend a little extra and also get the original soundtrack which is available immediately for download.


Last updated 1 Oct 2013, this short demo provides a vertical slice that is the closest representation of the quality of our game so far. Download it here for Windows, OSX or Linux.

October 01, 2013

Progress report, and some notes on design/friction

Hey there! Guess who sucks at estimating development time... that's right, all developers. Now guess who's the best at sucking at estimating development time... yup, me!! What do I win? Oh, ok, fine

Jokes aside, we're approaching the end of act 1 development. Artwork is mostly done. Areas are mostly built. Writing and coding are both nearly almost ready. There's likely to be some time devoted to tweaking the writing to eliminate issues with flow and consistency, and some proper sound engineering, but all 'n all we're on track for a (soonish) release. Backers and preorder-ers first, everyone else soon after.

Design stuff

It has occurred to me that since all you have been exposed to thus far is the demo, you don't have a clear sense of the content of the game. Act 1 of Broken Age was just released, and while generally well received (I loved it), some seem to have had different expectations, and I've seen some complaints about length/difficulty.

The Maker's Eden walks a line somewhere between adventure game and visual novel. The game does have puzzles, but the overall idea is to keep the flow as friction-free as possible. Puzzles are easy, progression is easy, but the expectation from our side is that players will be investing in the story, setting and atmosphere that we are crafting out of this. There's also very little padding. With a traditional third person point & click adventure, you click somewhere and the character will walk across the screen to interact with whatever you clicked on. TME's interactions are instantaneous, with the time taken up mostly being you reading the prose that follows the interaction. Someone who is a really fast reader will go through the story quicker than a slow reader. And in theory, someone who reads none of it can blaze through the whole thing in a few minutes. The latter person though will get nothing out of the game.

Act 1 is also structured much like a traditional first act, serving as a process of discovery and introduction, while still adequately self-contained. Think of the first Matrix film. It ended with a revelation, but nothing resolved, yet it did not need the sequels to be of value (some might argue the sequels killed it, hope we do a bit better than that). Act 2 opens up a bit with more freedom to move around the city.

Let's ask Molly, our favourite flying taxi driver, when the game will be out:

Yaaaaaay! (gets back to work)


Before I forget, since we're so close to release, now is a great time to start our big Steam Greenlight push. We're at about 80% to the top 100. If you can spread the word and help us score a few votes, that'd be much appreciated. I believe GL will be phased out soon, but ideally we'd like to get  on Steam before then. Vote at:

Many thanks!

February 03, 2014

Act 1 OST Released!

The Maker's Eden Act 1 Sountrack is out!

If you backed us on IndieGoGo with a perk tier that included the soundtrack, check your emails. Otherwise, you can get it here for a mere $5 for ~45 mins of beautiful music!

September 30, 2013

Here, have a wet towel or two...

Here's a scene you all recognise, but now the towels are flapping in the wind, courtesy of Unity3D's cloth physics.

Because why the heck not?

(it's a 10MB+ animated gif, so uhm, yeah)

September 24, 2013

UCT Anime and Games Convention

Hi folks!

Recently Jaco and I joined "MakeGamesSA" - a local initiative where game devs (and anyone interested in games, really) meet up and talk about games, both in-person and on their forums. One of their members was helping to organise UCON, The University of Cape Town's first Anime and Games Convention organised entirely by the university students, and asked if anyone from MGSA would like to go along and show off their games at a MGSA stall. Of course, we said! And so off we went to demo The Maker's Eden. It was a small convention, but the first one I've been to and the first one that The Maker's Eden has been to, of course! So it was very exciting.

The event itself was a blast and we had loads of people playing our game; people of all walks of life. Some children, maybe as young as 12-13, stopped by and played the demo the whole way through despite their friends/guardians attempting to drag them off. Some people only managed to play a bit of the demo in one sitting and came back later - one person even came back the following day - to finish it off. We had people who'd never played Point and Clicks before really enjoy it, one woman who was practically forced to sit down by her boyfriend and play it despite her assuring us that she was in fact 'terrible at gaming' - and she too sat and played the whole thing with rapt attention while her boyfriend watched, grinning, behind her. One guy came back to our stall three times to triple-check the release date and talk about it again; another guy found us again the next day to ask about price plan, release dates and stuff.

Unfortunately the organised PC sponsor who was going to provide computers pulled out at the last minute, so we took our own two PCs and had a borrowed laptop to demo on, with a spare monitor looping our trailer from the netbook. So it was small, but our chairs on Saturday were almost consistently full, and whenever there were people playing, others would crowd around and watch.

We had a lot of talks about game development too (those mostly with Jaco, him being the developer!) and encouraged a lot of locals to sign up at MGSA to get more involved in making games and to meet some like-minded folk. We talked about Unity, programming in general, music and sound design, 'how to get into gaming' - loads of awesome stuff. All in all, it was a complete blast, and we'll totally go to the next one and any other appropriate events they hold. Anyway, here are some pics!

Here's the album link on imgur if you want to view them larger.

Happy smiley player! This is the woman who came back today to finish playing. You can also see Alucard from Van Helsing in the background :)

Some players early this morning - it was quieter today; a Sunday with monsoon-esque weather.

More players early this morning

Yesterday/Saturday - much busier than the Sunday; crowds of people! The guy in black on the right brought his own expensive headphones and played the whole thing with those on, then waxed lyrical about the music (mentioning he was interested in making music himself) and ran off with Ben's Twitter handle and website :D

Amagadninja, and a Zubat

There were a few card game booths around and some tables next to ours with people having Magic matches.

Wigs and fun head-gear!

Random wings lady - character unknown, someone fill me in!

Pyro and Assassin's Creed guy chillin' together

Pyro and Assassin's Creed guy (I haven't played them all so don't know which this is)All of the cosplayers were very great for posing for photographs :D

Mikasa Ackerman (there were three of these)

Pikachu and a Zubat - it's the "poke a Zubat" game :P

Some more people at our game. The couple nearest the camera are the ones mentioned in the text above, boyfriend sitting his girlfriend (I assume!) down to play.

And a little video! I didn't record as much as I'd planned to - kept getting distracted by people playing our game, which is a good thing! That's Jaco at the beginning. :)

And that's that! Feel free to ask us any questions about the con if you like, but overall I felt it was very successful, we had some amazing feedback about the game, gave our site and twitter details out, and really hope some of the people who played will join in with our community and continue following development :)

- Del

September 15, 2013
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